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"Child-Friendly Community Construction" Theme Forum and Global Child-Friendly Community Construction Launch Ceremony Held in Wuhou, Chengdu

Release time: 2018-11-21 09:20:31 Publisher:China Child Friendly Community Working Committee

On November 19, under the guidance of China Child Friendly Community Promotion Plan Office, hosted by Chengdu Women's Federation of Wuhou District, Wuhou District Yulin Sub-district Office, Wuhou District Social Management Committee, Wuhou District Civil Affairs Bureau, Wuhou District Co-organized by the Youth League Committee, Yulin East Road Community and Wuhou District Beautiful Tomorrow Youth Development Promotion Committee hosted the Wuhou District "Child-Friendly Community Construction" Theme Forum and the launching ceremony of the construction of the whole region of child-friendly communities in Yulin East Road Community, Yulin Street. The activity aims to promote the development and governance of the community in Wuhou District, integrate group and social forces, advocate and establish the most dynamic, more livable, healthy and happy communities for children, and make each community Become a child-friendly community.

In this forum, Professor Shen Yao, a doctoral tutor of Hunan University, member of the Asian Network of UNESCO ’s Child-Friendly Cities Academic Research Team, and Wu Nan, Chairman of Nanjing Cuizhuyuan Mutual Aid Society, were invited to give keynote speeches. Office of China ’s Child-Friendly Community Promotion Program Teacher Zhang Yi also came to the site to guide the construction of child-friendly communities. Experts in the forum helped Wuhou from various aspects such as friendly space construction, friendly service development, and friendly welfare policies for the construction of child-friendly communities. At the same time, Yudong Community and the Better Tomorrow Youth Development Promotion Association also reported on child-friendly services. It is particularly worth mentioning that the child director of Judong Community, Yudong Community, Yu Silin, also made a speech, vividly presenting the case of Yudong juveniles' participation in the construction of their homes. The youth's participation impressed the adults deeply. .


During the event, the Women's Federation of Wuhou District awarded demonstrations to Yulin Street, Tujin Street, and Zhuqiao Street, as well as to Yulin East Road Community, Nanhong Village Community, Jinyang Community, Jincheng Community, and Tuanjie Community. It is the first in Chengdu to promote the construction of child-friendly communities at the district level.

It is reported that this is the innovative work of Wuhou District Women's Federation as a group organization actively participating in community development governance. The Women's Federation of Wuhou District advocates the construction of child-friendly communities, and will actively play the lead role of the Women and Children's Working Committee. It will unite relevant district-level departments and sub-district offices to promote child-friendly interactive cooperation through government-led and social participation. "Construction as a platform to build district, street, and community three-level work system. Take part of the streets, community demonstrations, and promote the whole area at the same time. In the transformation of community space and community services, it fully reflects the child-friendly perspective, highlighting "needs for children's growth, community development and governance, and social and people's livelihood harmony." Create Wuhou brand caring for children, create a child-friendly atmosphere, promote child welfare policies, and make Wuhou a paradise for the happy growth of children.


On the day of the event, the leaders and guidance experts participated in the survey and also visited the Jincheng Community of Shuqiao Street and Yulin East Road Community of Yulin Street to investigate and guide the work of improving the child-friendly environment in the community.

Yan Xiaomei, Vice Chairman of Chengdu Women's Federation, Huimin Yuan, Secretary-General of Chengdu Social Workers Association, Huang Guo, Chairman of Wuhou District Women's Federation, Cen Qin, Deputy Secretary of Wuhou District Youth League Committee, Ye Lei, Vice Chairman of Wuhou District Women's Federation, Cheng Rong of Wuhou District Social Management Committee , The chairpersons of the Women's Federation of the 13th Street of Wuhou District and the head of the Children's Home site, as well as the heads of social organizations implementing the women's and children's service projects in the district attended the meeting.