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First batch of pilot application and construction notes

Step 1: Clarify the initiative of the street leader and determine the main body of the agency.

Step 2: Understand the "China Child Friendly Community", and learn to read basic materials and documents including:

Ministry-level group standard "Code for the Construction of Child-Friendly Communities (hereinafter referred to as the Code)"

China Child Friendly Community Promotion Plan Presentation PPT

Five Issues for Child Friendly Communities

Child Friendly Communities

China Community Development Annual Report

Outline of Chinese Child Development

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Step 3: Log in to the official website of China ’s Child Friendly Community at www.cfc-c.org or the WeChat public account “China ’s Child Friendly Community” to complete the application form and submit the application to become a pilot. Announced.

Step 4: Apply for community implementation of the "standards" one by one, start the pilot construction, and submit to the child-friendly working committee in the form of a report when progress has been achieved at a certain stage, or in the form of written or public feedback to the child-friendly when difficulties are encountered in advance The working committee asks for support or help.

Step 5: Every six months, the Child-Friendly Community Office will ask for contacts to learn about the progress. At the annual child-friendly annual meeting, a formal award will be completed. Pilots with outstanding performance and special contributions will be shared as cases at the annual meeting. Demonstration site for child-friendly communities, as an important practical experience of the industry blue book.

• The first batch of pilots will be launched in June 2019. The period for submitting applications is June 15-September 15, 2019. The first batch of pilot places is 100. The list of pilots approved for application will be in the "China Child Friendly" "Community official website" announcement, will be officially awarded at the first child-friendly conference.

• The main body of the application must be a community neighborhood committee or a street. If the community neighborhood committee is the main body of the application, the street needs to confirm the support and participation and affix an official seal (see the application form for details). The operating entity must be a social force, such as a social organization related to children's services, a community service social agency, or other non-administrative system agency.

• The advantages and characteristics of each pilot are different, and there is no uniform requirement for the investment of funds and manpower. What is required and encouraged by the Code for the Construction of Child-Friendly Communities is the principle and direction of child-friendly community construction.

• Outstanding pilots will be upgraded to demonstration sites after evaluation, and will become local centers for learning and training nationwide. The Children's Friendly Community Office will exchange and share the national pilot and demonstration sites with relevant industry agencies and social organizations to promote the development and progress of the industry.