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Staff recruitment

Cooperation and development: 1
operating duty:

1. According to the needs of the organization's strategy and business development plan, find and develop relevant cooperation resources, evaluate resource capacity and cooperation, establish project cooperation and business operation mode, promote the contract signing and performance execution of cooperation projects, follow up the project construction cycle, straighten out the business docking process, supervise the technical level and completion quality of service supply, and optimize the overall implementation efficiency.
2. Coordinate the docking work of the unit to the task deployment of the project party, maintain the relationship between the project construction partners, and create an external development environment conducive to the project construction and business operation.

Job requirements:
1. Have strong interpersonal skills, good understanding of each other's needs and language expression ability, keen ability to discover cooperation possibilities and guide communication direction, strong interest in developing customers to establish relationships, strong pressure resistance ability, positive working attitude, and be able to adapt to business trip arrangement.
2. Bachelor degree, more than 5 years of relevant working experience;

Executive Assistant: 1
operating duty:
1. Coordinate and organize the arrangement, implementation, supervision and implementation of the specific cooperation and management work of the project, assist the project foundation in self-examination and self-evaluation of the daily construction work, and form the implementation instruction materials for daily tracking and phased progress.
2. Be responsible for the inspection, visit and investigation of superior authorities and cooperative units, and implement the schedule and transactional work of business negotiation, cooperative contact and conference activities.
3. Collect, summarize and file materials related to institutional project development and business operation, including policies and regulations, cutting-edge trends, industry research, consulting reports, competitive product surveys, and internal customer information, business analysis, evaluation reports, etc.

Job requirements:
1. Clear mind, quick thinking, careful attitude, high efficiency, good communication ability, organization and coordination ability, able to effectively deal with long affairs, good personal quality and professional ethics, generous and decent reception and handling of things.
2. At least 5 years related working experience, bachelor degree or above, proficient in using basic computer tools and software.
3. Be able to prepare routine documents such as project cooperation and activity plan.

Resume delivery email:info@cfc-c.org