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Chinese Children Friendly Community

"China's children's development program (2011-2020)" points out that "we should expand the scope of children's welfare, establish and improve a moderately inclusive children's welfare system, improve the level of social services for children's work, and create a child friendly social environment". Ms. Zhou Weiyan, President of Beijing Yongzhen foundation, has been committed to the theoretical research and practice of social enterprises for many years, focusing on the policy advocacy and industry promotion of children's public services and education.

In 2016, Zhou Weiyan, President of Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation, implemented the document requirements of the State Council's China children's development program (2011-2020) and the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening and improving urban and rural community governance, improved the government's service system for the people, further met the needs of children's growth in the community, and promoted the innovation and development of social governance model She launched the "China children's friendly community promotion plan", supported a series of projects and actions with China children's foundation and China Community Development Association to promote the healthy development of children's friendly ecology, such as the publication and distribution of "special journal of children's friendly community in the community world", "International seminar of children's friendly community in China", "International Children's friendly community research camp" "Children Friendly Community model project collection" and so on, and started to set up a cross-border expert team to discuss the standard of "Children Friendly Community Construction" at the end of 2016.

In April 2019, with the approval of China Association for community development, the standard for the construction of child friendly communities (hereinafter referred to as the standard) sponsored by Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation and drafted by Mr. Zhou Weiyan successfully passed the preliminary examination of the National Standards Committee. In October, the first batch of 100 pilot projects of China's child friendly communities was opened to the National Street / community and other units. In November《 The standard passed the final judgment.

Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation is the organization and compilation unit and the only leading promotion unit of the group standard of the construction standard of children friendly community. It is willing to join forces from all walks of life to promote the development of China's children friendly community industry, so that every child can live in a friendly community.

In 2007, she became the founding director and global executive chairman of Shenzhen one foundation;

In 2009, she cooperated with Dr. Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and landed in Grameen Bank in Songpan, ABA, Sichuan Province, China.

In 2010, she worked with Beijing Normal University to establish China Public Welfare Research Institute and served as the founding director. In the same year, we launched the "billion future" project to promote the development and innovation of inclusive public services for children in China.

In 2011, Michael Norton, the father of British social innovation, was introduced into mainland China with his book "365 Ways to change the world". The book was reprinted twice and became a representative book in the industry.

In 2012, she organized the publication of the first white paper on Chinese social enterprises, the report on investment and development of Chinese social enterprises and social influence, which was officially released at Boao Forum.

In 2013, Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation was founded and served as its president.

In 2015, she proposed to launch the promotion plan of China's child friendly community.

In 2016, she directed the release of the 2016 China Children Friendly Community Development Report.

In 2017, she took the lead in writing the standard for building a child friendly community in China.

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