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Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation is a non-public foundation registered by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. It is a 4A level social organization. It is sponsored by Zhou Weiyan, the founding director and executive director of Shenzhen one foundation, and many caring people.

In 2013, Yongzhen launched the "billion future community children's sports hall" project, which uses the innovative form of social chain to advocate and support the growth service support of 0-3-year-old children and their families in the community. After three years of development, it was transformed into "billion future community parent-child Public Welfare Alliance" in 2015. The follow-up establishment of billion future special fund, billion future is the first community inclusive preschool parent-child service public welfare platform promoted by private forces in China.

At the end of 2016, under the strong advocacy and active promotion of Yongzhen, China children's foundation and China Community Development Association jointly launched the "China children's friendly community promotion plan". China Children Friendly community is committed to promoting the construction of inclusive community children service ecological platform and the training of inclusive children service social workers.

Yongzhen foundation, through its own efforts and in combination with all sectors of society, is promoting the construction of China's children friendly community, and is determined to become an advocate, promoter and standard setter of China's children friendly community.

The beginning of Yongzhen
Forever: if water, long, long, far -- practice, sustainable public welfare;
True: natural, natural -- keep true, carry on the past and open up the future

Yongzhen tenet
China's wisdom, sustainable and happy family, harmonious community

Yongzhen honor
2018 China Charity credit list top 30
In 2016, the social organization rating was 4A
2015 "community contribution award" of China Community Development Association
Outstanding contribution award of 2014 China children's Charity Award