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2017 China Child Friendly Community Special Issue

Release time: 2017-04-21 11:29:48 Publisher:China Child Friendly Community Working Committee

"Community World-China Child Friendly Community Theme Special Issue" (hereinafter referred to as "Special Issue") is an important window for people from all walks of life to learn about the latest development of child friendly communities at home and abroad. It is also a participant and supporter of the China Child Friendly Community Promotion Program. An important platform for interaction.

The special issue is co-edited by the China Community Development Association and the Child-Friendly Community Working Committee. Ms. Zhou Weiyan, the director of the China Child-Friendly Community Working Committee, is the executive editor. In 2017, the special issue was issued quarterly, and the scope of publication covered provincial, municipal, district, and county government departments, 311,000 community service institutions of various types, 20,000 community service centers, 120,000 community service stations, and 100 Innovation demonstration area.

The special issue is detailed, rich and diverse, and well-produced. The large-scale 46-page full-color printing has both cutting-edge theoretical and practical case sharing, authoritative expert opinions, and the latest industry reports. It is an excellent reading material for understanding the development of the child-friendly community in China and a "vane" for understanding the development of the industry.


Message from Executive Editor-in-Chief of Community World-China Child Friendly Community Special Issue

Children are the core of the family, and the community is the foundation of society. The "China Child Friendly Community Promotion Plan" aims to protect child rights, activate community vitality, and promote the introduction of relevant standards through child-friendly community spaces and inclusive services. The key way to achieve this goal is to incubate a large number of community child service agencies that do not have a profit as their sole purpose, and cultivate a large number of professional teams who understand both the community and children. In this way, it can bring real benefits to the people. It can also realize the sustainable development of self-hematopoiesis and fill the gap of domestic child social worker inclusive services.

Beginning in 2010 with the practice of cooperating with various departments throughout the country to carry out the practice of child community inclusive services, and formally launched the "China Child Friendly Community Working Committee" in 2016. In the past six years, hundreds of "child friendly community service agencies" have passed the normal state. The inclusive service has brought vitality and joy to tens of thousands of families. What is even more rare is that a large number of staff members come from the parents and volunteers of the community and become the backbone of community autonomy.

In August 2016, with the approval of the Grassroots Government and Community Construction Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the first International Conference on Chinese Child Friendly Communities was held at the Shanghai Pudong Kerry Center. Thousands of government representatives, academic representatives, non-profit organization representatives, educational institution representatives and Entrepreneur representatives jointly identified three principles, five dimensions, and nine draft standards for child-friendly communities, and China's child-friendly community promotion plan has taken a solid first step. In the spring of 2017, the China Child Friendly Community Quarterly was officially released, and the second China Child Friendly Community Forum will also be held this year. At that time, the "Top Ten Child Friendly Community Selection Criteria" will be announced, and the "China Child Friendly Community Annual Report" will be released. And a series of supporting supporting projects will also be officially launched. We have reason to believe that 2017 will be the "first year of China's child-friendly community", let us work together and look forward to it.