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China's Child Friendly Community Guide to be Published-[Policy Guide]

Release time: 2017-03-30 15:06:23 Publisher:Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation

The "China Child Friendly Community Service Guide" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide") development work was successfully held in Beijing on March 23.

Twenty-one experts, scholars, and representatives from the fields of public policy, community governance, children's rights, family education, urban planning, and social service work gathered together to conduct cross-border exchanges and focus discussions on the preparation of the guide. Zhou Weiyan, director of the China Child Friendly Community Working Committee, Song Wenzhen, deputy director of the Office of the Women and Children Working Committee of the State Council, and Wang Ying, vice chairman of the China Social Work Education Association, attended the meeting as observers.

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Zhou Weiyan, Director of China Children Friendly Community Working Committee, chaired the meeting

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Song Wenzhen, Deputy Director of Women and Children's Work Committee of the State Council

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Wang Ying, Vice President of China Social Work Education Association

        The guests at the meeting spoke freely, and carried out lively discussions around the three dimensions of "policy friendly", "environment friendly" and "service friendly". Cross-boundary views, you come and go, fierce collisions, and consistent thinking. The serious attitude and lively atmosphere are the most authentic portrayal of the guests at the scene.

[Group discussion of policy group]

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[Environmental Group] Group Discussion AXA8001]

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[Service Team Group Discussion AXA8001]

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The meeting was fruitful and reached a number of consensus. After the meeting, experts will continue to conduct in-depth research and complete the framework and rules of the guide.

 formulation  promulgation of China's child-friendly community service guidelines will play a leading  stardized role in  development of  industry AXA8001 On the one hand, the guideline is an accurate refinement of the basic consensus reached by cross-border parties, and it is a solid foundation for realizing the ecological framework of China's child-friendly communities. On the other hand, the service guide is the first authoritative guidance of "Chinese Child Friendly Community" in a clear sense.

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Ecological framework of Chinese child-friendly communities

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Participants take notes carefully

        The conference was held in consultation with the China Child Friendly Community Working Committee, China Children and Teenagers Fund, and China Children's Center, and was hosted by the China Child Friendly Community Working Committee. It is an important step to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the "China Child Friendly Community Promotion Plan". The China Child Friendly Community Service Guide and related results will be formally released nationwide at the "China Community Development Conference Child Friendly Community Forum" in Chengdu in June. At the same time, the “Top Ten Child Friendly Communities Selection Criteria”, the “China Child Friendly Communities Annual Report” and a series of supporting projects will also be announced. 2017 will become the "first year of China's child-friendly community". Let us work together with partners from all walks of life and look forward to it!

China Children and Friendship Community Promotion Plan

Children make the community more friendly

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